About Us

Since our inception, Inspirize has been committed in empowering people through education.

Inspirize was established in 2016 as a training provider and consulting agency with one goal in mind – pushing people towards achieving their full potential.

We are not just passionate about people and what they can do, we are also passionate about achieving results. We love discovering new things and we embrace changes. And we believe that as long as the world never stop evolving, new knowledge will always be discovered, hence there will always be opportunities for people to learn and grow.

With this goal in mind, we are committed to our core values – PRIDE – in all of our coaching, training and development programs. And we always strive to create impactful and effective programs that will empower our clients through provision of necessary knowledge and skills development.


We love the things we do and strongly believe in our vision.


We proactively engage with our clients and other stakeholders.


We constantly improve ourselves and our programs, and we continuously find unique ways to deliver our services.

Driving results

We set measurable goals as a way to help us stay focused on the little things that make the biggest differences to our clients, our teams, and the community at large.


We always provide our clients with an excellent service, one of quality to be proud of, that meets and exceeds their expectations.

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The Faces Behind our Success

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Fariz A. Rani

Trainer - Speaker

Nurul Huda Zainal

Trainer - Speaker

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